Leo man woman leo compatibility

Even though he likes money and wealth, all of it is nothing in comparison to the feeling he has.

He will spend uncontrollably in order to impress his woman. As we said, the Leo man is not superficial. Yes, you can expect many pleasant surprises and presents, but he has much more to offer. This man is a real cavalier and knows how to make his woman feel appreciated.

Leo and Leo Compatibility

He will give you his time and affection, he will protect you and be your support in everything you do. The confidence of a Leo woman can be seen in miles. She simply shines. This lady is so used to people give her attention that she is capable of making a scene somewhere if she feels neglected. You see, the Leo woman has the need to feel like the center of the universe.

In order to be even more attractive, the Leo woman wears bright colors.


Leo man and Leo woman

She is more into orange, red and golden shades. Her big, lovely eyes, wild hair and expressive face make everyone remember this lady forever. Beside the pretty face, she is slim and tall. Leo woman walks like a royalty, sometimes not paying attention to anyone in front of her. It is always interesting to jump into a conversation with the Leo woman. She is intelligent and witty. Sometimes, this lady can be a bit provocative.

Leo Man And Leo Woman: Nature Of Bonding

But, be careful, if you cross the line she will show her claws. She knows how to do it herself. Leo woman is everything but shy and weak. So, what is her perfect type of partner? Leo woman needs someone as strong and powerful as she is. Nothing in the middle will impress her.

She wants an extraordinary, intelligent and confident man. Steadiness is boring. Leo woman strives for action and excitement. Routine makes her a bit aggressive. When nothing interesting is happening, she will think of a way how to spice it up. Even some drama is something that amuses her. Leo woman brings fireworks into the bedroom. Just as in life, the Leo woman is temperament and creative in the intimate relations. She likes to take control, or to be controlled — it is important to keep the game interesting.

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There is no fear of new things. Leo woman will wear provocative lingerie to spice up the atmosphere, knowing how her partner will react. No doubt, Leo woman is a queen on her throne. Just like the royalties were thinking out new amusements for the kingdom, the Leo woman will come up with many ideas to make her life interesting.

Everybody would want to be around her and have a good time. Leo man and the Leo woman have pretty much similar expectations of their partners. They both ask for someone who is smart and well educated, classy, successful and faithful. They are not afraid to show affection for each other. There will be no hidden emotions or mental games. The cards at the table are open in this relationship. This couple will share a lot of tenderness.

Other people can be envy of their love. The Leos sometimes have the need to feel the jealousy of the others. That is why this couple will show love and passion for each other even in the public places. Being active is in the nature of them both. The relationship is not likely to fall into the routine. Even if one of the partners gets tired a bit, the other one will be there to lift him up.

The difference between the Leo man and the Leo woman is their reaction to a failure. If it happens to him, he will become desperate. If the Leo woman fails somewhere, it will only make her stronger. Seeing this side of his personality will make the Leo woman question his mental strength. There is something that they will never agree upon. That is raising the family. Sometimes he puts too high goals for them. Leo woman will not like this at all. She is really caring, loving and supportive mother and she will disappoint if her husband becomes impassible towards their children.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility | Flow Psychology

The Leo man does nothing by halves. This superlative courage is what many people admire in the Lion. The Lion in the Wizard of Oz was on a quest to seek a heart. This echoes what the Leo man is looking for — a partner to share the hunt with, someone to complement and complete him. In a relationship, he is utterly devoted, completely loyal, and fiercely protective.

The Leo man can be almost kittenish when he is in a secure relationship, playful and mischievous with his mate. The ideal partner for a Leo man is someone who is his match in strength, confidence, generosity, and warmth. A partner must be worthy of his prestige and bring their own special cachet to the relationship. He is a wonderfully romantic lover, and it will be no surprise that this sign is associated with the Fire element.

Everything about the Leo man sizzles. His self-confidence is sexy, his gestures are bold, and his charm is irresistible. People love this, and he is much sought after both as a friend and as a lover. Pleasure is the principle for the Lion and a life without pleasure is no life at all for the Leo man. He will bend all his mind and willpower towards giving and receiving pleasure in the bedroom and he is a generous and passionate partner.

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The Lion is a fervent lover — one who loves teasing and being teased. He has no inhibitions, whether between the sheets or out of them. He is generally considered most compatible with Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Gemini. See also Sun sign compatibility. However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs.

For example, how do your Venus signs compare? Find out Venus signs here. Discover Venus sign compatibility here. Even so, he does worry about money from time to time, or at the back of his mind. When it comes to home decor, he may be attracted to suns, crowns, golden or yellow accents, and anything that looks regal but not too gaudy either. Somewhat arrogant, the powerful Leo man would have been right at home in the days of old — a member of royalty surrounded by extravagance. The outgoing Leo man has lots of friends and knows how to party. Always willing to give his opinion, he may sometimes come across as being too assertive, but his advice is voiced with the best of intentions — although not always with the greatest tact.

Even so, he does know when to tone things down. The Leo man is a generous, caring person who quickly forgives anyone who may unintentionally bruise his ego. This lion likes to rule his kingdom, but is more than willing to let his partner take command of the bedroom for a romantic interlude. He truly loves games, as long as they are not with his heart, and is impressed with romantic gestures of all kinds.

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Prone to back pain and injury, the overly active Leo man is always engaging in more physical activities than he should which can create problems for him later on in life. The Leo man enjoys his ration of rich and fatty foods, and limiting cholesterol and maintaining a healthy diet is something that he has a hard time doing. He normally lives to enjoy a long and healthy life, but should watch for issues surrounding the heart. The natural confidence of a Leo man makes him a born leader. He is an uncomplicated individual with the unique ability to organize and motivate the people around him.

No career is beyond the abilities of the Leo man and he can be whatever he desires, but his best interests lie in politics, social work, event coordination, sports, sales, and clothing design.